★"The Call of Solitude" by Esther Buchholz appeared in the January-February 1998 issue of Psychology Today. Buchholz is the author of a 1995 book of the same title. The URL for the article:The call of solitude:How spending time alone can enhance intimacy.

Solitude vs Loneliness:Why one restores and the other destroys our mental health.

★A modern Taiwanese artist depicts a classic Chinese hermit theme: the hermit angler (in "Hermit Angler on Clear Waters"), where the solitude of the little craft and its occupant in vast waters represents self and universe. URL:

★The San Bruno mountain near San Francisco was home to Dwight Taylor, a hermit, through 1987. The first URL describes him through the eyes of another frequenter of the mountain. The second URL describes his eviction from the mountain after ten years' residence. Dwight remarked, "I'm a hermit because some people were just born to be hermits." He reflected philosophically upon his eviction by authorities that he was getting too many visitors on the mountain anyway and that now he could search out a place of great solitude.



★The Sweets of Solitude by Amos Wilson, called the "Pennsylvania hermit," was printed in Boston in 1822. The only copy of the book is in the Free Library of Philadelphia, and has been scanned and placed on the Web at It can be downloaded in .doc format, the whole book being 21 pages. Yahoo! calls it a work of fiction, and surely the melodramatic account reads that way, but the Webmaster assures me that he toured the cave in Indian Echo Cavern, Pennsylvania, where Amos Wilson, a hermit calling himself a Christian, lived for 19 years.Thanks to a friend of Hermitary for submitting this information.

★A personalized site for readers of French is "Ermitage" at, which has a religious perspective on the subject of solitude and the eremitical life.

★ Raven's Bread is edited by Paul and Karen Fredette. Karen Fredette was formerly a Poor Clare nun and author Karen Karper, who published a narrative of her six years as an Appalachian hermit in Where God Begins to Be: A Woman's Journey into Solitude, published by Eerdman's, 1994. Raven's Bread is $8 for four annual issues. The Website is:


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